“Essentials . . .” training background 

The overarching objective of the “Essentials. . . .” courses is for trainees to develop confidence in and motivation to use CBT and Motivational Interventions in their practices, and to understand how Co-occurring Disorders influence diagnosis and practice. The 2018 “Essentials. . . .” courses will be given online, and have been based on the results of pilot studies which have established the feasibility  of these training-study modules.  If you wish to take an “Essentials. . . .” course, the only requirement is that you agree that your de-identified  information (completed surveys) can be used for research. During the “Essentials . . .” course you will be expected to complete two 10 minute evaluations concerning your practice, and the  training information and quality.  There is and will be no penalty for non-participation. Your responses will remain confidential. If you decide not to participate at this time, you can re-register for the training at a later time. More information about the research basis of this study can be found here. More about training content is available on the homepage.