CEUs for  NYS social workers, LMHCs and CASACs*
All online trainings  are open to all (LCSW, LMSW,  LMHC and CASAC) New York State clinicians. (See training info and provider id’s at the bottom of the page.) Register for any or all  courses at the ‘Buy Now’ button below
*NYSED allows only 1/3 of the required CEUs to come from distance-learning courses..

-Motivational Interviewing (MI)  is a semi-directive method of engaging client motivation of their own behavior. More about 6 CEU online training here.
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
is a collaborative (client and therapist) method based on social learning theory. More about 6 CEU online training here.
-Co-Occurring Disorders refers to the simultaneous existence of a Mental Health (MH) Disorder and a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), more complicated to diagnose and treat than either type of disorder alone. More about 6 CEU online training here.
Ethics for the Counseling Professions is a course that covers ethical values which are the grounding for ethical counselor practice. Course covers social work, mental health counselor and CASAC ethical codes, covers ethical decision making in the areas of confidentiality, technological advances, immigration and addictions. Bioethics research fellow Dr. Tim Campbell walks us through cases which require ethical decision-making in all areas. Course available in February, 2019.