Best Practice Trainers, Inc has a continuing education mission. We believe that trainings in Best Practices should be accessible to clinicians and should be made available at an affordable cost. We partner with several individuals and organizations to offer credits to LMSWs, LCSWs, LMHCs and CASACs. For more info, contact or call 845-810-0022 and ask for Ruth. Click here for more info on online CBT, Motivational Interviewing,  Co-occurring Disorders and Ethics trainings.

Our grievance/complaint policy follows:

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the service you have received or with the product you have purchased from BPTI, you have the right to express your opinions. There is a place in every posttest in each course for you to express your opinions about how to improve our coverage of mental health and substance use disorder issues. In addition, you can use this link to make comments, provide suggestions or leave us feedback. Like the suggestions in a suggestion box, the comments that are collected are reviewed by the BPTI Board, especially prior to the construction of new courses or revision of old ones. The Board may act to revise courses based upon the comments or suggestions it receives through this channel. 
If, however, you feel the need for immediate redress, whether it is a refund or help with an issue you don’t understand, you can contact or, or call 845-210-0022 or 845-255-5022 and ask for Ruth. Ruth is the BPTI secretary and the contact person for continuing education issues.  We thank you in advance for your feedback and in supporting BPTI to provide the best experience possible for all our our trainees. 

Complaints which concern the courses which are unsatisfied by the previously mentioned process can be directed to the appropriate organization below:
– the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.
-the New York State Education Board