About Us. . .Mission and History

Board Members

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George Ramos, LMHC, President and Partner
Dan Campbell, BS Business, VP
Rich Mohrmann, MS Computer Science, Treasurer
Ruth Campbell, LCSW, Ph.D. Secretary and Partner

Trainers and Partners

Tina Iler, LCSWR, Instructor, Partner, member of Advisory Committee
Tim Campbell, Ph.D. Partner
Lynn Rachlin, LCSW, Instructor, Member of Advisory Committee
Richard Coleman, MSW, Consultant,  Instructor, Member of Advisory Committee
Marilyn Willette, Trainer

. . . .Our Mission

Best Practice Trainers, Inc. (BPTI) has been formed to benefit clinicians who work in the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Mental Health (MH) fields. Our belief is that clinicians benefit from trainings in Best Practices, and the result of the dissemination of Best Practice trainings is better treatment, better health and better mental health. BPTI is organized and operated for educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of the 501(c)(3) code of the Internal Revenue Service. We investigate Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Mental Health (MH) training effectiveness in order to formulate effective training for SUD and MH practitioners. We survey SUD and MH practitioners, analyze data and draw conclusions concerning practice effectiveness. We formulate and offer trainings for SUD and MH practitioners based on the survey results. The content and method of evaluation of SUD or MH trainings is scrutinized and authorized by the organizations which allow credentialing of clinicians: the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), NY State Educational Department,  and by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) prior to the public offering of any training. In 2019 we will be applying for approval by the Association of Social Work Boards and for a Marriage and Family Therapy credential for our trainings. Trainers’ credentials are assessed for compatibility with those organizations’ requirements prior to any training. Our Continuing Education policy is accessible here.

. . . .Our History

   The trainers who are part of the organization have been conducting trainings since 1997 for clinicians dealing with Substance Use Disorders.  The first workshop, Families and Addictions, was presented in March of 1997 in New Paltz, NY.  The second workshop, Youth at Risk for Substance Abuse: Prevention and Resilience was presented in July of 2008 and July of 2010 in Ulster, Orange, and Sullivan counties, and in NYC at Fordham University in March of 2011. Distance learning was enabled in 2012. All workshop trainings have been approved for content and credentialing by OASAS, the New York State Office of Addictions and Substance Abuse Services. Beginning in 2014, the National Association of Social Workers approved trainings for Continuing Education credits.
The Articles of Incorporation for Best Practice Trainers, Inc. were finalized in November of 2009. They outlined the not-for-profit’s research and training mission for Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health issues. Best Practice Trainers, Inc. was incorporated in June of 2010 and received non-profit status in September, 2010. The Board of Directors at this time (June, 2019) consists of George Ramos, Mental Health Counselor and doctoral student, President; Dan Campbell, BS Business, Vice President; Rich Mohrmann, MS Computer Science, Treasurer, and Ruth Campbell, Ph.D. Social Services,  Secretary. The Board receives financial advice from consultant Alfred Kach, CPA, and legal advice from Devin Morgan, Esquire.