Primer: Immigration MH Evaluation Webinar – 2 CEs with George Ramos, LMHC and doctoral student.
For those who are interested in working with the highly stressed immigrant population who live in New York, sign up for the Primer: Immigration Mental Health Evaluation Webinar with George Ramos,  LMHC. This webinar will instruct you about  issues and strategies for clinicians who are working with those in need from another culture. Register  here.

Effective In-Home Mental Health Care with George Ramos, LMHC, doctoral student

2 CE credits $25 with George Ramos, LMHC, doctoral student
This 110 minute webinar answer questions about  how to begin In-Home care and how to handle problems that emerge. A must for for those who are working in client homes or who want to start home-based care. Register   here.

MI Tune up Series: Motivation and Change Talk  – 2 CEs with Tina Iler, LCSWR
For those who are interested in Motivational Interviewing, Tina Iler, LCSWR will be discussing Motivational Interviewing & Change Talk: Listen, Evoke and Respond. This webinar offers a closer look at Change Talk and is part of our Motivational Tune Up Series which teaches specific topics to enhance proficiency of MI Core Skills. Participants will learn to cultivate and respond to Change Talk using MI based skills highlighting the clinician’s role in encouraging and consistently responding to Change Talk in a way that promotes a conversation about change while supporting client momentum in favor of change. Previous knowledge of MI skills is helpful but not required. Feedback from previous MI workshop attendees. . .”Instructor was very clear, animated; learned a ton about MI; really enjoyed interactive learning and videos.” Register here.
MI Tune up  Series : Effective Engagement
            with Tina Iler, LCSWR 2 CE credits $25

This archived 110 minute webinar identifies and explores engagement skills as a vital component in the establishment of a collaborative and trusting working relationship with your clients. It discusses how engagement skills are vital as a relational foundation to promote client retention as well as being an essential part of the Four Foundational Processes in Motivational Interviewing.

.”Instructor was very clear, animated; learned a ton about MI; really enjoyed interactive learning and videos” Register here. 

Cannabis Webinar – 2 CEs with Ruth Campbell, LCSW, Ph.D. and Richard Coleman, LMSW
The changing legal status of marijuana has caused confusion for many of us who have been working with clients who are smoking. Find out more about how to best handle issues that concern your clients and cannabis. Campbell and Coleman will discuss the latest information on health, economic issues, criminal justice and treatment that you need to know in order to work with your clients effectively. Register here. 

Couples Work: Best Practices with Ruth Campbell, LCSW, Ph.D. & Richard Coleman, LMSW 2 CE credits $25

This 110 minute webinar focuses on practices that are effective and useful in couples’ work. Ruth and Richard are husband and wife; they have worked together in  practice with couples for over twenty years. Register here.