Staff Trainer: Tina Iler, LCSW
“I have worked full time for the Ulster County Mental Health Department outpatient treatment agency in upstate New York, doing work with couples, individuals and group counseling and dually-diagnosed consumers. Prior to that, I have had experience as a social worker in a NYS residential treatment facility, in a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program, and as a medical social worker in a hospice facility. I have had three years’ experience as an Intensive case manager, assessing social, emotional, vocational, housing and health needs to chronic and severely mentally ill homeless individuals.  As an Intensive case manager, I have conducted safety audits, monitored, assessed and developed interventions with high risk forensic clients. “

Staff Trainer: Lynne Rachlin, LCSW
Lynne“I have worked as a full-time social worker in the mental health unit of Sullivan County Department of Community Services in upstate New York for over twenty years. During that time, I have worked with couples, families, and addictions. I’ve provided individual, family and group therapy, addictions treatment, crisis intervention, and case management at Social Worker II level. Member of Dual recovery (MICA) Planning Committee. I am a member of the Dual recovery (MICA) Planning Committee.”

Staff Trainer: Richard Coleman
Richard“Because alcoholism and drug addiction are life-threatening disorders, the clinicians who work with people with substance use disorders (SUDs) should be given the best tools with which to operate.

When you call Connections Counseling or Best Practice Trainers, you may hear Richard’s voice since he is currently the Connections Counseling office manager and behind the scenes in the BPTI research campaign.  He says of himself,I have a broad background and training in psychology and in research methods, having graduated from New York University in psychology with a focus on research.  I have worked in the addictions field as a counselor for 20 years, and am now retired from the Department of Community Services of Sullivan County. I am taking a medical leave from the Boston University online MSW program.
I was approved by the NYS Office of Substance Abuse Services as a trainer in 2010, and helped BPTI present the Youth at Risk training in NYC in 2010. I helped develop the Cognitive Behavioral materials for the current Essentials Training.