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Minutes of Best Practice Trainers, Inc. 2017

Summary & certificates given for courses offered by BPTI in 2017
Three courses (CBT , Motivational Interviewing, and Co-occurring Disorders) were readied in early 2017 for online use. The NASW approved BPTI to do a study with two courses (CBT and COD). The study was launched in June, 2017 and completed in September, 2017.
A total of 171 CBT certificates were granted, and 100 COD certificates were granted after the launch in June to 7500 email addresses across the country.
A paper concerning the results of the study “An Evaluation of an E-learning Intervention to Update Social Work Practice” was submitted for publication in the J. for Teaching in Social Work in late October – early November, 2017, authored by all Board members and Daniel Sullivan

March 9, 2017 Email to the Board about progress of research from Sec’y Hummingbird has approved all the English documents for the study.
the NASW IRB has to also approve the documents before we can send out the mailing in late April. I sent the documents to the NASW IRB yesterday after a few back-and-forth communications about the process. Hopefully, the approval will come soon.
March 13 – March 19, 2017 Email exchanges between Hummingbird (David Dennett) and the Board Hummingbird has stated that, in order for the trainings to be approved in Spanish, all documents would have to be resubmitted to Hummingbird for approval, and the person who did the translation would have to be certified. Anandy Germosen, who did the Spanish translation, does not have certification at this time. She expresses that she is interested in pursuing it, and will do so. It will probably not be in time for the trainings to be launched in Spanish for this study (launch date June 5).

April 4, 2017 Email exchanges between Anandy Germosen (Spanish translator) and President Ramos and Treasurer T. Campbell Anandy Germosen’s payment for the Spanish translation was corrected to that which had been officially offered in her contract. The error in underpayment had been made because of an earlier contract commitment.
April 7, 2017 Online letter from Ebeltoft to the Board Receipt of letter from Ebeltoft marking delivery of contracted Online Training System according to specifications set out by the Board
April 10, 2017 Online letter from the Board to Ebeltoft Discussion by the Board concerning response to Ebeltoft, and acknowledgement of the receipt of the OTS.

May 5, 2017 Email exchanges between Board members BPTI requested an acknowledgement of the study on the NASW site in order to increase enrollment in the research project. The outcome of the discussion was 1) the Board’s unanimous approval to increase the number of enrollees to 7500, 2) the approval by NASW of an extra line in the advertisement directing recipients who are seeking to confirm the status of the trainings to the NASW continuing education site.
May 14, 2017 Email notification of the Board concerning filing of e-postcard with IRS Secretary Campbell filed the e-postcard with the IRS for BPTI, as is indicated for all non-profits which have earned under $50,000 in the past year. This type of e-postcard has been filed by BPTI every year since its inception. Anyone who wants to find public tax records of small non-profit organizations can search the IRS website.
May 17, 2017 Email exchanges between Board members Unanimous vote to postpone the May 21 launch until June 5 because of unavailability of one of the IT team members until late May. Announcement posted on the website by Sec’y Campbell.
May 30, 2017 Email notification to Board members by David Dennett of Hummingbird Noted to the Board from Hummingbird that any Spanish translation of materials would have to be certified.

June 1, 2017 Email notification to Board members by David Dennett of Hummingbird Email notification to the Board of 90 day alert for study-expiration deadline
June 14, 2017 LAUNCH of online courses (CBT and COD) for NASW study. Newsletters are being sent to the experimental group only by Jennifer Garcia
June 20, 2017 Email discussion between Board members, Germosen, and Hummingbird Anandy Germosen submitted a letter of support and commendation from her employer to Hummingbird. Hummingbird indicated willingness to acknowledge her translations as certifiable for Spanish translation for research purposes.
June 30, 2017 Email discussion between Board members Decision to send notification to NYSED members concerning online courses which have been approved for LMSW and LCSW CEs by NYSED. – Board approved unanimously.

July 6, 2017 Email vote by Board members The Board voted unanimously to approve Rich Mohrmann as a replacement for Eystein Ebeltoft to do IT work, and to pay him his initial payment of $2185 in July instead of September.

Aug 3-7, 2017 Email discussion and vote by Board members The Board voted unanimously to approve the position of Tech Lead as a position to deal with BPTI’s IT issues. The Board also voted unanimously to elect Rich Mohrmann to that position.
August 8, 2017 Board approved the revised budget for 2017. Board also approved VP Dan C’s suggestion for payment of 1/3 of cost to project participants prior to beginning work, and 2/3 at completion
August 25, 2017 Email from Dennett Notation for continuation of BPTI Hummingbird approval for CBT and COD courses
September 15-24, 2017 Ethics courses (offered by Hummingbird) taken by Tim Campbell, George Ramos, Dan Campbell as a preliminary to research publication.

October 4-6, 2017 Email discussion between Board members Alternative options for proposal for online platform accommodation of Spanish language discussed by the Board.
10/6/17 Email discussion between Board members Discussion centered on becoming a MH CE provider. BPTI may apply to provide CEs for Licensed Mental Health counselors in NY state. Board members unanimously approved the application. Secretary will complete and send it.
10/24/17 Application for BPTI to become LMHC CE provider completed, sent.
10/24/17 – 11/3/17 Email discussion between Board members Discussion concerning where to submit results of online study: Journal of Counseling and Development quashed by George after speaking to editor about potential publication. Journal of Teaching in SW editor Paul Kurzman says submission is appropriate after reading abstract. Board voted to submit to JTSW.

11/6/17 An Evaluation of an e-learning intervention to update social work practice submitted with all Board members + Daniel Sullivan as authors.
11/9/17 Email discussion between Board Members Unanimous vote to accept Anandy Germosen as Spanish translator for the CBT course narrative.
11/21-22/17 Email discussion between Board members and Hummingbird personnel Board approved expenditure to have the videos for the CBT course and the COD course approved for research purposes by Hummingbird. Hummingbird approved the videos on 12/19/17, after transcripts were provided.
11/27/17 Email discussion between Board members Submission to the NASW conference of a BPTI proposal entitled: Shaping Social Work Response to the Opioid Epidemic: Evaluation of a Distance Learning Intervention
Treas. Timothy C, VP Dan C, consultant Richard Coleman and Sec’y Ruth C will be attending the conference if the proposal is selected. The conference will be held on June 20-23, 2018.

12/10/17 Anandy was paid for translating the control text for the online CBT course
12/19/17 Email by Hummingbird to the Board members Approval of videos for CBT and COD courses by Hummingbird. D. Dennett let the Board members know of the approval.