January 15, 2020: on-site meeting between Treasurer and Sec’y

R. Mohrmann, as Lead Tech, has created a place in the database for posttest urls to be listed. He demonstrated access and “proof of concept” for automatic grading. The Research assistant will be adding all the posttest Q&As to the database so that automatic grading can occur.

January 16, 2020: Email exchange between ASWB, SW Consultant and Sec’y

A major change in understanding of the ASWB approval was shared between the ASWB personnel and the SW consultant, Tina Iler, and the CE Director, Ruth Campbell. ASWB approval of individual courses means that BPTI will have the ability to give credits to SWers throughout the jurisdictions that accept ASWB ACE-approved courses, not just NJ.

March 30, 2020: Email exchanges between Board members and CE Advisory group

BPTI gave certificates for 14 online courses in February: 6 CBT courses (all were given for free), 2 Ethics courses, 4 MI courses and 2 COD courses. Most of the focus for the month’s advertising efforts were on the three LIVE webinars that are being offered, one on Motivational Interviewing basics, one on Cannabis, and one on assessing Immigrants for IPV-DV. Sneak-peek: There have been about 30 signups for the LIVE webinars, which will be counted in March’s total, reported in April.
      SurveyMonkey has been upgraded, and Rich has begun to arrange automatic grading of the posttests for all courses.  This will allow a significant increase in the speed at which people can get their certificates, since the grading will no longer be done manually.
        The Board, this month, is discussing how to handle approaches from companies or rehabs that would suggest we are endorsing them.
        ASWB and MFT applications: The completed recorded webinars (along with posttests) will be added to the  ASWB individual level application which has not been completed yet. The disclaimer at the beginning of the pretests has been holding up progress. The word “voluntary” (ASWB objected) has been deleted from the disclaimer, and changed wording has been double-checked with the New England IRB for research-worthiness. The finalized disclaimer seems to be acceptable to the NEIRB. Ruth is double-checking with ASWB personnel to see if the finalized pretest disclaimer  is acceptable to them. 

April 15, 2020: Report by Zoom from Lead Tech to Sec’y

Lead Tech refined the way that participants would pay for courses by adding a Paypal button beside each course. He added support for paypal purchases of webinars as well as courses.

May 15, 2020: Report by Zoom from Lead Tech to Sec’y

Lead Tech continued to enhance the signup requirement by adding the capability to send invitations for specific courses. He also improved error checking on the newuser page.

August 21, 2020: Email exchange between Board members

George Ramos proposed that Anandy Germosen become part of the CE Advisory Group. She had done all the Spanish translations for the CBT A/V course. Questions were asked by the Board concerning her ability to contribute to BPTI by continuing and updating the Spanish translation of the CBT course. Her time commitments will not allow her to do that, so the Board refused her application.

September 4, 2020: Email exchanges between Board members 

Sec’y Ruth proposed, and the Board unanimously approved Julio Rodriguez as a research assistant to help with mailings, etc.

November 11, 2020: Zoom communication from R. Mohrmann

Rich has notified the Board that he has finalized automatic grading of posttests for all courses, and participants can automatically download their certificates. He has also created a looped ability of the training site to access information about courses from the website, and an automatic ability of people who are interested in courses to pay via paypal. To borrow from Rich’s descriptions, it’s auto-magic!
Beta-testing will be undertaken by Ruth Campbell and Richard Coleman.

October-November, 2020: Email exchanges between Board members and members of the CE Advisory group

 BPTI held three live webinars in October and November, 2020, with 33 certificates given out for those who attended. The webinars focused on ethics (Tim Campbell), SBIRT  interventions (Ruth Campbell, Richard Coleman), and couples (Afua Forson). The webinars were all given remotely on Zoom. They were approved by OASAS for CASACs, as well as provider level approval was given by NYSED to provide CEs for NYS Swers and LMHCs.

November 11. 2020: Zoom communication between Lead Tech and Sec’y

R. Mohrmann reported that he had added the capability to password protect a user’s secret code to provide additional security.  Note: BPTI is not using this function yet, but it may be needed as we continue to work to satisfy the requirements of relevant agencies.

November 18, 2020: Zoom communication between Lead Tech and Sec’y

The scripts which will control access of research participants to the online classes are finalized.

November 21, 2020: Email communication from NEIRB to Sec’y BPTI

Approval was given by NEIRB for the revised informed consent document for the SBIRT study. That information was passed to the NASW IRB in order to receive permission to begin the two research studies with members of the NASW State chapters in Maine, Virginia and North Dakota.