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January 23, 2021

Summary: The first virtual Board meeting of the year discussed each person’s role and their vision for the organization. Themes of the meeting were: sustainability strategies (grants or product-marketing); interests of the individuals which could lead to webinar creation; further audiences for the BPTI trainings and courses; and security of the information being gathered at the site.
Further notes are available at this link: Further notes of 2021 BPTI meeting

June 12, 2021

Summary: The second virtual Board meeting of the year was brought to order by Afua Forson, President. It discussed progress on several fronts.
Training site: Rich Mohrmann discussed the success of putting password protection on the training site, and the success in getting paypal payments to be accepted automatically for courses. He has solved the problems that occurred during the “handshake” between the training site and Survey Monkey, which contains the questionnaires.

Research: In George Ramos’ absence, Ruth discussed the decision to submit the paper on Latino participation in SUD treatment to the Journal of Organizational Psychology. She also mentioned the two other studies – one on SBIRT use by social workers, and the other on Ethical decision-making by social workers – which have begun. Several of the BPTI staff, including Tina, Tim, Dan, Richard, and Afua, will be helping write resulting papers when the studies are complete.

Data and Marketing: Ula had investigated the analytics of the database and was able to show that the average income from participants was $27, and that the courses had brought in approximately $2600 last year. This year, (2021) because of lack of advertising, only 10 courses for which payment was required have been completed. Ula states that the revision of the website to retain interest by users would be the first effort to increase user participation. Other avenues, brought up by other BPTI staff, are other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, and Linked In.

Prospective issues which were mentioned were: upcoming webinars, a proposal to eliminate royalties from the sale of courses, and the issue of intellectual property rights. A decision was made to refrain from expanding to ally with any other organizations (other than ASWB, NYSED, and OASAS,) for the time being.