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2022 BPTI Minutes

Ad-hoc meetings between Ruth, Rich, Ula, Tim during Jan 16- Jan 31

Ula, BPTI marketing manager is removing the obstacles from the set-up of Zoho, the Client Relationship Manager, to handle the 47,000 email addresses that she has loaded into the system. Rich has made some consistent designations within the database, so Zapier, the go-between which updates Zoho from entries into the database, will not “clog” with unknown designations. Tim has volunteered to do Project Management for the three Campaigns which will move forward in 2022. Two campaigns concern research efforts, one will make money for BPTI. The webinars are set up in the website for use by participants, and they have been approved for CEs for all NYS clinicians (SWers, LMHCs, and CASACs).