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Background of research courses available from BPTI 

There are two courses which are being used for research purposes at this time. One is the Ethics for the Counseling Professions course. The overarching objective of the “Ethics for the Counseling Professions” course is to acquaint counselors with ethical values which undergird the counseling professions in general. Also, to acquaint counselors with the practice of ethical decision-making so that counselors can use a harms and benefits analysis with value conflict situations in practice. More about the “Ethics. . .” course content can be found here.

The other course which is being used in research at this time (2021) is the Essential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders course. The overarching objective of the “Essentials. . . .” clinical courses (on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, or Co-occurring Disorders)  is for trainees to develop confidence in and motivation to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interventions in their practices, and to understand how Co-occurring Disorders influence diagnosis and practice. The 2019-2020 “Essentials. . . .” courses will be given online, and have been based on the results of pilot studies which have established the feasibility of these training-study modules.  If you wish to take an “Essentials. . . .” course, the only requirement is that you agree that your de-identified information (completed surveys) can be used for research. During the “Essentials . . .” courses you will be expected to complete two 10 – 15 minute evaluations concerning your practice, and evaluate the training information and quality.  There is and will be no penalty for non-participation. Your responses will remain confidential. If you decide not to participate at this time, you can re-register for the training at a later time. More information about the research basis of this study can be found here here. More about “Essentials. .  .” courses content is available on the homepage.