Participate in the approved SBIRT & Ethics Research Studies

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Thank you for responding to the invitation to participate in this research.

This research is important in a time of continually increasing opiate overdose deaths and limited public mental health resources. You can be part of a positive change and help us better understand how to teach clinical and decision-making skills to new social workers.

Please complete 2 short questionnaires, help us understand how to better teach social work students, and qualify for 4.25 free CEs approved by ASWB and NYSED ACE for VA, NC, TX and NY Swers.

You can sign up by clicking on the button below.

Do you have any questions?

Check our FAQs below for more information about the research. More research FAQs here.

Who can participate?

Social Workers from Virginia, North Carolina, and New York State.

What is the study about?

The study asks what influences Social Workers to use SBIRT (screenings, brief interventions, and referrals) in their work, and, what influences Social Workers’ ethical decision-making.

What do I get in return?

Participants get 4.25 CEs which are ASWB approved for Virginia and North Carolina social workers, and NYSED-approved for New York State social workers.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Participation in the study and course is free.

Who are we?

Best Practice Trainers, Inc. (BPTI) is a not-for-profit organization with a history of 10 years of training and participatory research involving social workers and other counselors.

When and how long?

After signing up, you will immediately have access to the pre-test questionnaire. You can complete it at any time in 2021-2022.  Filling out a pre-test questionnaire for either of the two projects takes approximately 10 minutes.

More Information

Recruitment of social workers from Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and New York State is underway in 2021-2022 for the Ethics and the SBIRT studies, sponsored by Best Practice Trainers, Inc (BPTI).

This research has been approved by the WCG IRB (855-818-2289). Approval from the NASW IRB in 2022 is pending. The research is self-funded by Best Practice Trainers, Inc, and the findings will be published on this site. You can call Ruth Campbell, LCSW, Ph.D. to find out more at 845-255-5022. She is one of the PIs on the research.

If you do not wish to participate or have landed on this page by accident, check out our low cost clinical courses by clicking here.