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Tina Iler, LCSWR

Tina Iler, LCSWR, is in private and agency practice in the mid-Hudson region of New York State. She is the Social Work consultant for the BPTI Continuing Education group and the BPTI contact person for continuing education in the US and Canada. She has over 25 years experience in direct practice with clients with mental health and substance use disorders. She was approved by the NYS Office of Substance Abuse Services as a trainer in 2010. As a contributor to BPTI, she helped BPTI develop and present the Essentials trainings (Essential Motivational Interviewing for Substance Use Disorders, and Essential Co-occurring Disorders for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder treatment) in New York City in 2012. She has presented several webinars and in-person courses on Motivational Interviewing topics since that time. 
She is passionate about Motivational Interviewing and trains extensively in MI. As well, she has been trained by the Beck Institute in CBT and the Linehan Institute for DBT and mindfulness.  In her individual therapy, she provides compassionate support to work towards developing coping skills for healthier choices, improved self care, and building resilience to live life with greater ease and acceptance of past or present circumstances. As a trainer, she is resourceful, dynamic and creative.