Background of the CBT Health Equity research study available from Connections Counseling PLLC

The Essential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders course is being used as part of a research effort at this time. The overarching objective of the Essential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorder clinical course is for trainees to develop confidence in and motivation to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in their practices. The 2023 Essential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders course will be given online and has received good reviews from those who have taken it. If you wish to take the Essential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders course for free and participate in a research study, the only requirement is that you agree that your de-identified information (completed surveys) can be used for research. During the “Essential. . .” course you will be expected to complete one 10-15 minute evaluation concerning your practice, and evaluate the training information and quality. These is and will be no penalty for non-participation. Your responses will remain confidential. If you decide not to participate at this time, you can re-register for the training at a later time.  The research has been reviewed by the WCG Independent Review Board (ph: 855-818-2289). No other organization has participated in designing the research nor do they endorse these studies. Information concerning risks, benefits, research protection measures, and confidentiality is outlined at RESEARCH FAQs . Sign up at the “Sign up here” button below. You can review the information about the study before you sign the informed consent to participate in the research.

Any New York State clinician can sign up below at the “Sign up here” button – your FREE Ethics course worth 2.5 CEs is waiting: 

Background of the study

How do people who are using substances or those with mental health issues become engaged in treatment? How can we facilitate that engagement in some way(s)?  Connections Counseling, PLLC  is now the sponsor of research formerly sponsored by Best Practice Trainers, Inc (BPTI). Connections Counseling PLLC is sponsoring studies to answer the Health Equity questions. A free online OASAS and NYSED-approved 2.5 CE CBT webinar (Essential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders) in English and Spanish, is being offered to NYS clinicians throughout 2024 for
participating in the research. Your answers may affect how we teach new clinicians. 


In order to receive certificates, you will need to complete a pre-training questionnaire for the course,  a posttest with 75% accuracy, and a course evaluation. If you do not pass a posttest the first time, you’ll get a second chance with access to the training materials. Second tries must be authorized
by the CE Director. Call Ruth at 845-255-5022 or email for more info.