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Important Research Components for all Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, and Substance Use Disorder Clinicians participating in research

      • Ethical and other Quality Protection Measures:  If you are participating in a research study, the following information is important. Study design and components have been approved by the Hummingbird Institutional Review Board OR New England Institutional Review Board that oversees the ethical conduct of research. Content and training information has been approved by the NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports for continuing education credit.  All creators and instructors who are providing clinical material are Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health clinicians – most are LCSWs, LMSWs or LMHCs –  with a total of over 80 years’ experience providing services to clients with alcohol and drug problems. Their credentials have been approved by the NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (NYS OASAS). The creator of the course concerning ethics is Dr. Timothy Campbell, a bioethics researcher with the Institute for Futures Studies since 2016.  The provider-of-record for the courses is Best Practice Trainers, Inc. provider  #0806 (OASAS), #MHC-0124 (NYSED) and #SW-0519(NYSED).
        NJ and All Other Social Workers: BPTI maintains responsibility for this course. Our organization has applied for consideration of CE credits to ASWB ACE for each of these recorded audio/video based online courses. See a map showing what jurisdictions accept ACE here.  See individual course descriptions for information on CEs given for the course. 
      • Testing: Participation in any study is entirely voluntary. For purposes of any research or in-house evaluations, all participants in trainings are requested to allow their de-identified information to be used for research. If you decide to participate in a training that will be used in research, you will be asked to complete a registration which will request acknowledgment that your de-identified data (we will never release your personal information! ) can be used in research, to complete a 10 – 15 minute pre-training questionnaire that includes questions about you, and may contain questions about your perceptions of your practice,  your use of  substance use treatment practices and your understanding concerning the ethical code of your practice. Your access to 2020 training materials is under your control and at your leisure. After you complete the training, you will be asked to complete a 10 – 15 minute post-training questionnaire in order to allow us to evaluate training effectiveness. 
      • Confidentiality: Your participation and responses that you provide will be kept confidential to the full extent of the law.  All responses will be reported in the aggregate.  The master list of names of trainees, the list of which courses they are taking, and the pre-and-post-training answers will be kept in the Principal Investigator’s (PI or project manager) computer, which is password protected and either in her possession at all times or in a locked room in her home. Any paper copies of the master list and any paper copies of questionnaires will be kept in a locked file drawer at the home of the Principal Investigator, and to which only she will have the key. This master list, all the questionnaires and all copies will be destroyed after 3 years.  Copies of certificates will be kept for as long as organizations involved in giving certificate (e.g., NYSED and OASAS) suggest.  You will have access to the training materials on the website until you complete the posttest and are given your certificate. 
      • Risks and Benefits: You might experience very minor discomfort when answering the pre-training and post-training questions, but this is not expected to exceed what you experience in conversation with colleagues.  You may stop completing the questionnaires at any time. There is no direct benefit to you for your participation in this study; however your participation may contribute to knowledge about clinical practice in several ways. When the study is complete, the results will be made available at  
      • More information on the training background and content can be accessed by clicking here.

Questions about research should be directed to Ruth Campbell at or at 845-255-5022 or at 845-810-0022 or by US mail at PO Box 1042, New Paltz, NY 12561.